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Three Major Benefits Of Our WalkMore Drop-In Clinics

Here at DogMore Academy, we’ve previously spoken about the importance of building relationships between humans and dogs. This is fundamental to everything we do, guiding our approach to dog training and how we teach owners to work with their dogs. Developing a strong bond with your dog helps to build trust and respect – both of which are key to a harmonious long-term human-dog relationship.


If you’ve worked with DogMore Academy, you’ll understand the emphasis we place on relationships during our training sessions. It forms a core element of our teaching. We show you how to build and maintain trust and respect. 


One of the most important aspects we teach is consistency and discipline. Your dog’s behavior will be guided by your behavior towards them. One thing we’ve realized is that, whilst it is easier for dog owners to be consistent and disciplined in the middle of one of our training programs, what happens when the program is completed? After all, even the most studious and attentive dog owner might slip into bad habits or need a refresher from time to time. 


With this in mind – and to ensure that our clients receive the maximum value from working with DogMore Academy – we have launched our WalkMore Drop-In Clinics. DogMore Academy clients have lifetime access to these weekly sessions. 


In this article, we’ll explain a little about WalkMore, and tell you some of the benefits for our clients.

What is the WalkMore Drop-In Clinic?

These free drop-in clinics are held each week and hosted by DogMore Academy. They are an exclusive benefit for our clients.


The WalkMore Drop-In Clinic sessions are hosted by our founder, Manda Ballard. The sessions are entirely on-leash and there is plenty of space for your dog to keep a safe distance from other pups. 


As we’ll explain below, these sessions are designed to help you brush up on leash manners, get some vital socialization, and allow you to obtain expert advice from a professional dog trainer.

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Benefit 1: Brush up on your dog’s training

Our private lesson programs are comprehensive and designed to help you achieve your dog training goals. Over the course of our programs, we provide you with valuable information that you can use to strengthen the bond with your pup. It is important for you as an owner to remain consistent when it comes to your dog’s behavior. After all, your dog training journey will continue, even after our sessions conclude.


But, as we all know, sometimes we can’t completely control our life circumstances. Work might be pushing you to your limits, or you may have family commitments to attend to. Regardless of the reason, you may simply struggle to find time in your schedule to keep up with your dog’s training. Your dog may start to exhibit different behaviors which are unwanted. If enough time has elapsed, you may even be unsure if what you’re doing now to try and address the issue is contradictory to what we showed you during our classes. 


Because dog training is an ongoing process, we wanted to make sure that our clients have a way to keep up with their training – and this is why we introduced our WalkMore Drop-In Clinics.


These clinics are a perfect opportunity to stay on top of your dog’s training. You’ll have access to a professional dog trainer (founder of DogMore Academy, Manda Ballard) and be able to ask any questions about your dog’s behavior. If you’re unsure or need clarification on what you should be doing to achieve your desired outcomes, these sessions are ideal. Even better, if you’re on a time-crunch, you’ll only need to dedicate one hour per week to help maintain your dog’s training.


Even if you are happy with every aspect of your dog’s behavior, our WalkMore sessions also enable your dog to perform their commands with several distractions present. You’ll be able to see how capable your dog’s obedience is around a mixture of other dogs and their owners.

Benefit 2: Controlled socialization

Often an overlooked aspect of dog training, socialization is vital for maintaining your dog’s temperament and confidence. If your dog never gets the opportunity to interact with other dogs or humans outside of your household, they can become fearful when they do have to meet someone new.


Controlled and supervised socialization opportunities are hard to find. Perhaps the easiest type of socialization is taking your dog for a walk, or bringing them with you to a store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. However, there is no guarantee of the type of experience your dog will have. Although your dog will get to enjoy new surroundings, they may not necessarily have many interactions with new people or dogs.


Dog parks are often thought of as a good way to expose your dog to other animals and get some much-needed socialization. There are a couple of things to consider before deciding to go to a dog park, though. Firstly, you have no knowledge of the behavior, attitude and temperament of other dogs at the park. You also have no way to gauge the dog’s owner and if they are aware of any behavioral problems their dog may be displaying. If there are dogs with aggression issues inside the pen with your dog, it could lead to a situation which could negatively impact your dog’s confidence. You want every socialization outing to be a positive experience for your pup.


At our WalkMore clinics, the sessions take place under the supervision of an expert dog trainer. The sessions are entirely on-leash. We also know all of the owners and dogs who will be present. This combination of factors creates a controlled environment which is perfect for getting some positive socialization. Both you and your dog will gain confidence through these positive interactions with others. It’s also a great way for you to meet like-minded dog owners as part of our DogMore community!

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Benefit 3: The opportunity to ask questions

Every dog owner has questions about their pup – and they might not even relate specifically to dog training! Whilst the proliferation of the Internet has made it easier to search for information, sometimes it can be difficult to know which sources you should believe. 


By already working with DogMore Academy, you know that we’re a name you can trust. If you have questions, we will always provide you with an expert opinion you can rely upon.


At WalkMore clinics, we invite you to ask questions regarding the following topics:

  • Training equipment
  • Your dog’s health and wellbeing
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Behavioral advice
  • Future training opportunities

The above examples do not form an exhaustive list. If it’s related to dogs, we will do our best to help you.

In conclusion

When you work with DogMore Academy, your training opportunities will never end! With lifetime access to our WalkMore Drop-In Clinics, you will always be able to brush up on your dog’s training and engage in controlled socialization; as an owner, you’ll also have access to pose your dog-related questions to an expert.


If you’re an existing DogMore Academy client, look out for announcements regarding upcoming WalkMore Drop-In Clinic dates on our social media channels!


If you need a professional dog trainer in the west Michigan area (and want lifetime access to our WalkMore program!), we would be delighted to help you. Please reach out to us at (616) 446-3639, email us at [email protected], or fill out our contact form for more details!