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The Benefits of Using an E-Collar for Dog Training

Dog training tools have been around for decades. Ever since Ivan Pavlov first demonstrated that food could be used to physiologically alter a dog’s response to a previously neutral stimuli with the discovery of classical conditioning, both dog owners and trainers alike have been using treats and other training tools to help train their dogs.


Fast-forward to modern day dog training, where clickers, leashes, harnesses, prong collars and gentle leaders can be found throughout the world. These training tools help trainers and dog owners to achieve their dog training goals. In this article, we will be discussing one of the more modern dog training tools available to the public – the E-Collar.

What is an E-Collar?

The word ‘E-Collar’ stands for electronic collar. This piece of technology is also known by a variety of other names, such as ‘remote collar’, or more infamously, the “shock collar’.


E-Collars are a dog training tool developed to help trainers and owners accomplish specific goals with their dogs. First and foremost, E-Collars are a great way to communicate with a dog in a consistent and reliable manner. Timing is everything when it comes to dog training – and E-Collars are a vital tool to ensure consistency when training.


Typically, E-Collars include an audible tone function, a vibration function, a static stimulation function, or a combination of these. These functions are controlled by a remote which sends a radio signal to the collar, reflecting whichever button was pressed. The intensity of the stimulation is controlled by levels selected on the remote. On higher quality remote collars, a larger number of levels will be present, sometimes ranging from 0-120+. The higher range of levels does not mean that the unit is more powerful than other E-Collars; instead, it provides users with a greater level of control from one level to another. The reason why these additional levels are beneficial is because E-Collars are meant to help a trainer or handler train their dog in a manner which keeps them enthusiastic – not frightened.


Many types of specially trained dogs use E-collars when working, examples of which include:

With each of these dogs, the use of the E-Collar has one common denominator; it is used in situations where good communication is imperative for the dog to perform its given task. This is using the E-collar for its designed purpose and is one of the main benefits of using the tool.

manda ballard out training in woods with dogs

Common Misconceptions About E-Collars

Remote collars have become highly controversial. Some people love them, some refuse to use them, and others fall in the middle. Remote collars have even been banned in certain countries or cities because of animal rights lobbying efforts, which portray E-Collars as a tool of abuse.


Remember, any training tool – including the human hand – can cause problems if not utilized correctly. Therefore, understanding how to use an E-Collar correctly is the key to taking your training above and beyond, while also developing an enthusiastic, focused and confident dog.


The misconceptions listed below are just some of the reasons that many people never experience the unparalleled benefits of E-Collar use in dog training.

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Benefits of Using an E-Collar

E-collars are undoubtedly one of the most useful training tools available for dog training when used correctly. But what are some of the specific benefits of using an E-Collar? Many of these are based on the solid, reliable communication offered by the remote collar.

E-Collars are a fantastic tool for getting exceptional results with your pup. The key is learning to use them the way they were designed to be used, and then tweaking things to get the precise outcome you are looking for. By learning to use a remote collar correctly, you can accomplish a variety of dog training goals while maintaining your dog’s eagerness, confidence and enthusiasm.


Finding a reputable balanced dog trainer to learn from is the best way to cultivate your E-Collar training skills. We have years of experience using E-Collars to help accomplish a wide variety of training goals. By pairing effective E-Collar training with positive reinforcement and systematic desensitization, we can help you unleash your dog’s potential.